January is one of my favorite months of the year as a business owner. Because my team and I spend October, November and December doing all the tough aspects of planning for the following year, January is the month during which we start going after our established goals. We begin with a kickoff meeting, at which the whole team comes together to review the previous year – triumphs and failures alike – and revisit the coming year’s objectives.

As I’ve mentioned in previous President’s Corner installments, 2015 brought a number of challenges that required me to grow both personally and professionally. These challenges have gotten me to think very seriously about the importance of family and work-life balance, in my life and the lives of my employees. This year, I want to focus on helping my staff make the most of their time at home by maximizing the efficiency of their time in the field. I believe that happy, rested, connected people are more prepared and achieve better results.

At Roofing & More, our business is home improvement. Part of the reason I started the company was because of the belief that families should be happy with and comfortable in their homes. I’m going back to our mission statement: “To re-invent new ways and ideas to serve our customers better, to improve the lives of our employees and to give back to those in our community.”

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