“To re-invent new ways and ideas to serve our customers better, to improve the lives of our employees and to give back those in our community.”

At Roofing & More, our

mission statement

is founded on deep appreciation of the opportunity each customer gives us to improve their home, and the effort of our excellent employees. We consider it a privilege to do business with people in the greater Northern Virginia community and believe that it is important that we make every effort to give back. That means serving in local churches and charitable organizations, or ensuring daily that Roofing & More is following best business practices.

We show our appreciation to our customers and employees all year long by doing the following (and more):

  • Walking through every step of the process with clients in order to make sure that they don’t experience anxiety.
  • Protecting homeowners from the danger of climbing on the roof with free video assessments.
  • Respecting customers’ homes by helping to protect property and cleaning up after ourselves.
  • Working tirelessly to exceed expectations and doing everything we can to make it right if we fall short.
  • Treating our employees like family.
  • Using a review checklist after the completion of every project to ensure that we’ve followed through with workmanship that meets Roofing & More standards.

The idea of thankfulness seems to come to the forefront of my mind during the holidays. As president of Roofing & More, I reflect particularly on how grateful I am for the people who make my business what it is. Our employees, loyal customers and community members serve as great encouragement to me. I hope and pray that you enjoy this week with a warm heart, surrounded by friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving!