Got cedar? As you probably know, cedar roofing in Arlington offers a host of benefits: it provides excellent insulation, it’s naturally resistant to insects and weather damage, and it can easily be recycled. Cedar shakes and shingles share these benefits since they’re the same material with only slight differences in the finish: shingles are cut from wood blocks for a smooth and uniform appearance, while shakes are split for a more rustic look.

Installing a cedar shake roof in Clifton, VA

Oils occurring in cedar make it highly resistant to decay. However, some maintenance is necessary to make this wood last for decades. Follow these tips to extend the life of cedar roofing and keep it looking new.

  • Select the right wood. Roofing professionals agree that the best wood for shingles is old-growth western red cedar. Other species can also be used when properly treated with preservatives, resulting in a roof life expectancy of 25 to 30 years.
  • Apply a protective finish. A cedar-specific finish and preservative should be applied to protect shingles from excessive weathering and to enhance color, if desired. Finishing is best completed before shingles are installed so all sides of the shingle are thoroughly coated with finish.
  • Perform routine roof maintenance. Protect cedar shakes by routinely clearing off leaves and loose debris that traps moisture and speeds decay. Trim back any branches that overhang a cedar roof to cut down on future debris. Clean out gutters regularly, in spring and fall, to ensure that they can properly carry water away from the house. Inspect shingles yearly for mold, mildew and moss.

With proper care, your cedar roofing will provide many years of beautiful, worry-free service. For further questions about caring for or installation of cedar shake or shingle roofing in Arlington or anywhere in Northern Virginia, please call Roofing & More at [company_number].