We understand that, for many people, the price we quote for a project is their main consideration when choosing a contractor. Of course pricing is very important; home improvement is a significant investment, but you always have to carefully consider what is included in the price you are given. A contractor that gives a low quote but is not manufacturer-certified, does not use quality materials and does not include basic services such as clean-up of the old roofing material isn’t the best deal in the long run. In fact, going with a subpar contractor could end up costing you more due to problems with poor materials and workmanship.

Let’s take a look at what a great Herndon roofing company will include in its price quote.

  • A great contractor provides clear and detailed specifications so you have a written description of the work to be done. This ensures both you and the contractor are crystal-clear on what is included in the project. Detailed specifications also ensure a more accurate price quote.
  • Roof repairs do not always happen at convenient times, and you might not have all the money you need upfront. Great contractors provide payment options and financing for your convenience and peace of mind.
  • A great contractor will leave your property as good – or better – than you found it with removal of all debris for no extra charge.
  • Your project should include a Manufacturers Specified Warranty to cover defects in materials. By using a factory-certified contractor like Roofing & More, you may also be eligible for a manufacturer’s warranty to cover both manufacturing defects and the contractor’s workmanship.
  • A great contractor has a long, verifiable track record that assures you of a high-quality product and high-quality service.
  • A great contractor reflects the best quality product and best value of service.
  • A great contractor clearly defines investment value, so you understand how his work will increase the value of your home.
Roofing & More offers all these benefits and more! Here is our commitment to you: we do it right – we do it by the book – or we don’t do it at all. Call [company_number] today for a free estimate from one of Northern Virginia’s most trusted home improvement contractors. We’ve been making homes more comfortable, convenient and valuable since 1993.

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Download our printable Contractor Comparison Guide.