At Roofing & More, we handle the training of new employees with as much focus and fervor as we use in our own daily job duties. That’s because we believe that leadership either sets employees up for success or for failure. How do we set them up for success? Through rigorous training, mentoring and accountability.Did you know that a newly hired Roofing & More sales consultant trains for three to four weeks before ever meeting with an actual customer? During this training period, each consultant works 8-10 hour days learning the ins and outs of Roofing & More’s carefully crafted process.

Phase One of training includes studying a 30,000-foot view of our company mission statement, vision statement, core values and sales process followed by a close-up view of all areas. One of the things I tell people when we hire them is that Roofing & More has a standard operating procedure and an employee handbook for a reason – to encourage consistent success in creating mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

Phase Two is where the real learning begins! As an experienced consultant, I role-play with the new employees in order to make sure they know what to say and how to say it. I’ve always maintained that words are important and that integrity is most important. Through this role-play, new hires must demonstrate an active understanding of what they can and cannot say, and a commitment to the proven Roofing & More process. A trainee has to receive a grade of B+ or better from me in order to start meeting with actual customers.

Why put so much energy toward training sales consultants? Simple. We care deeply about the kind of customer experience we provide, and proper training helps ensure that everyone is on the same page about what it means to be a Roofing & More employee. Let us demonstrate what has made us one of the leading providers of Northern Virginia roof repair, roof replacement and more.