Finding a Great Contractor, Part 3: The People If you’re looking to hire a contractor for your Chantilly roofing or home project, choose carefully: your choice of contractor can make or break the project. To help you make an educated decision, Roofing & More has compiled a helpful Contractor Comparison Guide. In Part One of the series “Finding a Great Contractor,” we discussed the essentials that every company should have before you consider them. Part Two covered differences in products and performance that set a great contractor apart from the average Joe.

The relationship you develop with the members of your contractor’s team will heavily influence your overall satisfaction with the project. Now let’s review what you should expect from a great company and its employees.

  • A great contractor provides an in-person consultation with a detailed explanation of the scope of services.
  • A great contractor provides a detailed custom proposal that highlights all steps of the project.
  • A great contractor assigns an on-site supervisor/project manager to every homeowner, ensuring a clear channel for communication and fast handling of all issues.
  • A great contractor conducts a pre-construction meeting to cover the scope of the project, and discuss scheduling and any special needs and concerns.
  • A great contractor conducts safety planning for the homeowner and employees within the scope of services.
  • Some contractors use third-party subcontractors. A contractor who employs his own trained employees can control when and how a job is completed, the materials used and the quality of workmanship.
  • Your contractor should perform a zero-defect walk-through upon completion of a project.
  • The company should be one that you would enjoy working with.
Roofing & More offers all these benefits and more! Stay tuned next week for Part Four of “Finding a Great Contractor,” when we’ll discuss what should be included in the price of roofing in Chantilly.

Download our printable Contractor Comparison Guide.