We know. You need a new roof, but you dread the thought of your property being invaded and trampled by roofers in a hurry, then having to pick up nails and bits of debris for months to come. Finding a roofing contractor that can be counted on to go the extra mile is a challenge many homeowners face.

Roofing & More wants you to know that it is possible to find a Chantilly, VA, roofing contractor you can count on to go the extra mile, one who will do an expert installation of your new roof without damaging your yard and landscaping or leaving a big mess behind. We are committed to being that reliable roofer.

Here’s how Roofing & More will exceed your expectations.

  • We will protect your landscaping. You’ve invested thousands in a beautiful lawn, flowers, shrubs and landscaping, and they should never be torn up by a roofing company. Roofing & More uses equipment that keeps your garden and plants from coming in contact with any kind of debris.
  • We will protect your home and family from debris. Without proper precautions, falling debris from a roof replacement can scratch and break windows and Fairfax siding. It’s also a danger to people or pets who might be entering or exiting your home. When our crew arrives on the scene, we immediately start installing tarps and taking necessary precautions to protect your home and its occupants.
  • We will leave your yard clean and nail-free. Once your roof is complete, our crew will gather all debris into a dump truck and haul it away as part of our service. We rake out loose debris and use magnets to find stray nails. All you’re left with is a new roof and no sign that we were there!
Treating your property with care and consideration is part of the Roofing & More experience. To get started, contact Roofing & More today at (877) 398-4555. We look forward to serving you.