You’ve solicited quotes, vetted Northern Virginia roofing contractors and chosen Roofing & More as your roofing installer. You then selected your

roofing material

, chose a color and reviewed the scope of work to be done. When the day arrives for your new roof to be installed, here’s what you should know to be prepared and ensure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

  • The process of installing a new roof turns your home into a construction site. This means that our team will need full access to your yard and driveway. All vehicles should be moved and parked away from the structure to prevent damage.
  • Store patio furniture, lawn ornaments, barbeque grills and other items that could be damaged by falling debris. You should also remove anything around the perimeter of your home that might limit roof access.
  • You may wish to cover valuables in the attic and garage as dust and small particles of debris may fall during installation.
  • Keep children and pets indoors or away from the job site while the installation is in progress.
  • Nail guns, nails and hammers are essential tools for roof installation. You should expect a considerable amount of noise during installation.
  • We take care to protect trees, shrubbery and landscaping during construction. However, materials removed from your roof will be present on the lawn prior to clean-up. We will ensure that all debris is removed once the roof is complete.

Following these steps will ensure that you, your family and your home are ready for our arrival. At Roofing & More, our goal is always high-quality craftsmanship completed efficiently and with minimal interruption of your routine. If you have any questions, please contact us at [company_number]. We look forward to serving you!