“My upstairs is way hotter than the middle or lower floors. What causes this and what can I do about it?”

There are two different reasons why this phenomenon happens.

Inadequate ventilation. Even with today’s energy-efficient windows, doors and siding, it is still important that your attic breathes properly. This process happens thanks to soffit vents and the ridge vent. Soffit vents are the intake; adequate soffit vents allow the ridge vent exhaust to flow fast and freely. If the soffit vents are blocked, then air is restricted. The ridge vent is where heat escapes the attic, which will greatly affect whether your upper level is hotter or cooler.

Many homes do not have adequate soffit or ridge venting. Some do, but the vents were never installed properly and aren’t working correctly. To get the best results, you need the right amount of intake to the exhaust. There is a formula to be followed.

Another solution for ventilation problems is to add an attic fan. Many times this is a workable solution, but other times an attic fan actually does more harm than good. It is important that you hire a skilled Sterling roofing professional to install an attic fan, as a poorly installed fan can worsen ventilation issues.

Inadequate insulation. The insulation in a home can and will break down over the years. We even see insufficient insulation in new homes that contributes to pesky ventilation problems. Fix the issue at the source and hire an Alexandria roofing and insulation expert to shore up your attic and keep the cool air inside.

Whether it’s inadequate ventilation, inadequate insulation or a combination of both issues, there is usually a fairly simple solution to keeping the temperature more consistent on all floors of your home. Contact Roofing & More to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation to see how we can make you more comfortable, save you money on energy bills, and help your roof last longer by keeping your attic cooler in the hot summer months. Call us today at (703) 467- 0206 … you’ll be glad you did!