Signs that your roof needs attention can appear at the most unexpected times and places. You may find water leaking from around pipes, an ugly stain somewhere on the interior ceiling, or water dripping from vents or a chimney. When you make these discoveries, it’s not too late. Just give Roofing & More a call.

One of the advantages technology has given roofing contractors is the ability to show customers exactly what we see when we’re on a roof, inspecting for problems. Only a professional should walk your Northern Virginia roof – we know how to do it safely and without causing further damage to roofing materials – but with a video camera, we can take you everywhere we go! During an inspection, our expert will take a video of your roof to document all the areas that need to be addressed, and allow you a bird’s-eye view of just what’s going on up there. He will then sit down with you to play back the video and explain his findings, and put together a no-obligation estimate so you can make an educated decision. Here’s an example of a video inspection recently done by Kyle Hoffman, president of Roofing & More.


Our customers appreciate the honest approach we take to roof repair in Northern Virginia. Seeing actual video evidence of their roof’s condition is not only reassuring, it’s a whole lot less nerve-wracking than climbing up there!

Don’t wonder about the condition of your roof any longer. See for yourself with a FREE video inspection and estimate from Roofing & More. We have been providing customers with quality home improvement services for more than 20 years. Your friends and neighbors trust Roofing & More to provide certified installation, brand-name materials and a home improvement experience that is enjoyable, all at affordable prices. Call us today at (877) 398-4555!