Out of sight, out of mind.

That’s how most people deal with attic insulation, when it’s one of the most important factors in home efficiency.

Sterling roofing that has the correct amount of attic insulation performs two roles:

in the winter, it keeps warm air from your home’s interior from rising into the attic, being wasted and potentially causing ice dams; in the summer, proper attic insulation keeps hot air from seeping into your home and running up cooling bills.

It’s important to remember that insulation’s R-value, or its resistance to heat, can change over time.

When insulation settles or becomes compressed or wet, it can’t effectively block the transfer of heat. If you live in an older home, we recommend that you consider having your attic insulation evaluated. It may be time to replace or add more insulation.

The most common types of attic insulation include batts, or rolled insulation, and blown-in insulation. The best choice for your home will be determined by factors such as how much space needs to be covered and accessibility. Roofing & More can advise you on how to choose the best insulation for your needs, and assist with any improvements you wish. Call us for more information today at (877) 398-4555.