Gutters are all too often forgotten when it’s time for Northern Virginia roof replacement or routine home maintenance. In reality, correctly installed gutters serve as one of the most important lines of defense against water damage to your home. A quality gutter system directs water from your roof and quickly disperses it away from the structure and foundation. Consider the hazards caused by guttering that doesn’t work properly, or at all. • Gutters and downspouts that allow water to pool around a home’s foundation promote water seepage into the basement and/or erosion of the grade designed to keep water draining away from the home. Erosion threatens trees, plants and landscaping. • Clogged gutters can overflow and over time cause wood fascia, soffit and sheathing to weaken and rot. The same process can discolor and damage siding materials. • Gutters must be properly pitched toward the downspouts for water to flow properly, with at least a quarter-inch of slope for every 10 feet. Gutters that aren’t pitched permit standing water. • Water pooling in gutters may attract mosquitoes and encourage the growth of mold in the attic and around your home.

At Roofing & More, we understand that a well-designed, quality gutter and downspout system ultimately prevents structural damage. Our wide, seamless gutter troughs are properly sized and configured to collect and direct the flow of water safely away from your home. From gutter inspection and replacement to Leaf Relief® gutter protection, you can trust Roofing & More to care for your Northern Virginia roof. Call (877) 398-4555 today to arrange for a FREE gutter estimate. Plus, through October 31st, we’ll take 10% OFF the cost of gutter installation or any home improvement project you choose! Call NOW to lock in your savings!