Modern technology has produced a wide selection of materials for your Arlington roofing project. While most Virginia homeowners tend to focus only on the appearance of their roof, considering our local climate and then selecting the products that will work best in typical weather conditions is the best way to ensure your new roof will reach peak performance.

• Homes in Northern Virginia benefit from asphalt shingles because they can be treated with chemicals that retard or prevent the growth of the algae, mold and mildew – all typical of a humid climate.

• Another option for roofs in humid environments is cedar shingles. Cedar contains natural oils that discourage mold and mildew growth, while keeping away potentially damaging insects.

• Metal roofing shingles may be the most resilient in this climate, due to metal’s resistance to water, rust, mildew and mold and the ability to withstand all but the most destructive winds.

Keep in mind that some cities and HOA’s dictate the use of certain roofing materials, so be sure to know the guidelines and requirements in your area. When in doubt, call Roofing & More at (877) 398-4555. We welcome your questions on any topic related to Northern Virginia roofing!