Low sloping roofs are becoming more and more popular. They have a modern look and feel about them and they have more benefits than you might think they do! Plus, they are great for residential homes and commercial buildings. Low slope roofs can be moderately to extremely flat, sometimes even completely flat, so if you are putting a low sloping roof on your home or business residence then you have a variety of options and opportunities to get creative. Here are some ideas for your flat or low sloping roof:

  • Roof garden
  • Patio/Deck
  • Solar panels
  • Pool

There are many things you can create with a flat or low sloping roof and on top of that you save space! With that in mind we give you 7 more benefits to having a flat or low sloping roof:

  • Long life cycle – these types of roofs will last for years to come so you don’t have to even think about replacing your roof
  • Low life cycle cost – You won’t need to spend much money during the lifetime of your roof
  • Reliability – Low sloping roofs are sustainable and reliable
  • Recyclability – depending on the material you can recycle your low sloping roof
  • Low maintenance requirements – you won’t have to spend a lot time on maintaining and up keeping this type of roof.
  • Light weight and resistance to wind – this is great for homes and businesses in the Northern Virginian climate
  • Save space – your home or business may not have a lot of land so you can use your roof

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