How can you know when it is time for a Northern Virginia roof replacement or if you can get by sufficiently with roof repair? The easiest way to know that more than just a simple repair is necessary is if the roof’s primary function fails: it no longer keeps the water out of your house in multiple locations. Every roof eventually meets the end of its life, and letting significant water into the home is a big red flag that your roof should be replaced.

Other things to help you determine whether repair or replacement is right for your home include:

• If the roof is older than twenty years, a replacement is likely necessary.• A small leak in one or two areas may be remedied with professional Herndon roofing assistance.• If the shingles are warped or buckling or numerous shingles are missing, a replacement makes more sense than repair.• If the roof is stained and mostly covered with a growth of moss, replacement may be the best option.• If stains are visible on interior walls, ceilings and attic rafters, this is a sign that your roof should be replaced.• If a few shingles are misplaced due to winds, this makes your roof a good candidate for professional repair.

Neglecting to replace a roof that is no longer in working order can end up costing you much more money in the long run. For example, a leaky roof can result in major interior damage to ceilings as well as wreak havoc on carpet and even ruin valuables in the home like computers and other electronics. An investment in a solid, well-functioning roof protects your belongings and your family, as well as the overall stability of your home.

If the roof in question belongs to your business, imagine how much money you could lose if you have to shut-down for a day or more if water comes into the building. A roof replacement is often the best investment you can make for your business to ensure you can stay productive.

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