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Storm Windows

This goes beyond just a sturdy roof. You also want to make sure your windows are up to par. Roofing & More, Inc. installs ProVia® storm windows for ultra durability and premium weather protection.

Customizable for Safety & Beauty

ProVia storm windows go beyond traditionally manufactured residential windows. ProVia storm windows are custom-built to your design specifications and come with heavy-duty extruded aluminum. They are expertly engineered to offer the best in energy efficiency, weather protection and noise reduction. Best of all, they come in an array of 16 beautiful colors to complement any home.

Why Choose a Low-E Storm Window?

Storm windows with a Low-E coating reflect heat back inside the house during the winter and reflect it outside during the summer, keeping the home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Older storm windows were typically manufactured with clear glass, but ProVia storm windows have a Low-E coating that lowers the emissivity of the glass and reduces heat transmission through the storm window.

By comparison, uncoated glass typically has an emissivity of around 0.84, while Low-E coated glass can have an emissivity of 0.16 or lower (according to Energy Saver).

Benefits of Low-E Storm Windows

  • Cost-effective alternative to total window
  • Warmer indoor control in the winter
  • Reduces solar heat gain in the summer
  • About 25% the cost of complete window
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easily operable
  • Reduces drafts & increases comfort
  • Reduces noise
  • Similar energy savings as full window
  • Payback of 5-7 years

Storm Windows

Custom built to your specifications with heavy-duty extruded aluminum, ProVia storm windows offer the most in energy efficiency, weather protection and noise reduction.  ProVia aluminum storm windows are available in 16 beautiful colors, complementing any style home.  Low-E and other glass options increase energy savings.

Why Choose a Low E-Storm Window?

Save Money and get Quick Payback!
Over 800,000 homes annually have storm windows installed1, with virtually all having clear uncoated glass, reducing the heating load by only 13% with a 10 year simple payback2.

In a recent Chicago study, Low-E storm windows showed marked improvement over the clear glass benefits amounting to an average of 21% heat load reduction and an average payback of 4.5 years2.


  • Cost effective alternative to total window replacement
  • Warmer in winter; average of 21% heat load reduction2
  • Cooler in summer; reduces solar heat gain

Turn to Roofing & More for Storm Window Installation

Our window experts at Roofing & More are happy to answer any of your questions about our ProVia storm window installation process. Learn more how storm windows can better protect your home. Give us a call or fill out our online form. We’ll be in touch shortly!