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4X Solar Incentives

Just as Roofing & More pairs or extensive roofing expertise with innovative solar roof shingles, we also pair solar credits with our own incentives to save you more – immediately and for many years to come.

Let Your System Pay For Itself

Start with immediate discounts and continue saving with tax incentives and earnings from your energy production for many years to come. With long-term savings year after year, your solar roof can pay for itself in time, and keep earning.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The tax incentive is at its highest rate ever: Save 30% off the total cost of your home's solar energy system, including all products and labor – every part of your home solar system and installation.

Virginia SREC Program

Virginia's Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) Program and net metering pays out credits for solar energy you produce and send back to the grid, allowing you to reduce your electric bill or even earn money back each month.

Special Financing

Flexible financing options offer low interest rates for very affordable monthly payments, available to those who qualify. Various financing options help make going solar the ideal financial decision for your family.

Appointment Saver Program

Save 15% on your project, up to $1,500 off your solar roof installation, with Roofing & More's special savings program.

Savings - Savings - Savings & More!

With all these combined savings opportunities, now is the ideal time to enhance your home with a new solar roof. Complete the form or call us to schedule your free, no-obligation solar consultation.

Immediate and Ongoing Solar Savings

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