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Fairfax Roofing Contractor

One of the most essential parts of a house is the roof, and when it comes time to replace it, homeowners often have many questions. Roofs are a considerable investment for your home, and you’ll want to consider several factors when choosing to replace it.

The most important factor is the roofing company you hire to perform the replacement for you. At Roofing & More, we take pride in our history of working with the Fairfax area. We have almost thirty years of experience in the roofing field. Our time in the industry demonstrates that we are a roofing contractor that homeowners trust.

We offer a range of products and services, including:

  • Roof Replacement and Repair
  • Storm Damage Repair
  • Commercial Roofing

Expert Roof Replacement and Repair for Fairfax Homes

We are leaders in the roof repair business. Whether you need a full roof replacement or a minor roof repair to your existing model, we can help get your home back into top shape. We offer a large selection of shingles that vary in style and color so that your new roof will look as good (or even better!) as the day the house was first built.

Quality Storm Damage Repair and Restoration

The Southeast can see all sorts of weather phenomena, from hurricanes to tornadoes and even the occasional snowstorm. When severe weather damages your roof, we are your go-to company for repairing or replacing it. Whether you’re missing shingles from hail damage or experiencing leaks due to structural weakening, we can help.

Hurricanes have notoriously strong winds, and it is not uncommon for homes in the Fairfax area to experience significant wind damage from these major storms. We assist you with quickly getting your home back in order after being affected by a storm.

Durable Commercial Roofing for Fairfax Businesses

Business owners invest a significant amount of resources into commercial property. We help protect your commercial roofing from damage that can result in significant losses in your assets. Our company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, meaning businesses trust us to help keep their buildings operating smoothly. We can help save you time and money on your next commercial roof repair.

Call Us Today for a Free Estimate

Don’t wait until you have significant roof damage. Contact Roofing & More for a free consultation to inspect your roof and make any needed small repairs before they become big problems. We are one of Fairfax’s most trusted names in the business, so reach out today to get started with our quality roofing replacement services.