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EMBARQ® Fiberglass Entry Door Advantages

Embarq Features

Stiles and rails are dovetailed and glued at each corner creating a structurally solid, integrated frame.

To enhance efficiency and accommodate more insulation, we thickened the door and sidelites from the standard 13⁄4" to 21⁄2" which is 43% thicker than standard exterior doors. We also engineered a dual perimeter seal for the entry door to create a superior barrier against drafts and energy leaks.

We engineered a channel in the side rails and header of the door to allow for a larger energy efficient polyurethane core. Our computer-controlled process fills every crevice with the foam barrier material resulting in a level of energy efficiency unparalleled in the industry.

We started from the inside out to maximize energy savings and reduce thermal loss, resulting in the most energy efficient door in the U.S. market. In fact, this door offers at least 4-times more insulating value than a typical wood door giving an unprecedented U-Factor of 0.09 - the lowest recorded heat conduction measurement for entry doors in the U.S.

Door edge is constructed with cherry, mahogany or oak wood matching the selected series.

The 4¼" finger-jointed 4-ply hardwood strike stile provides a solid mounting surface for Emtek® hardware and superior structural integrity.

The authentic wood look is made possible by using cutting-edge NVD (Nickel Vapor Deposition) technology by MasterGrain™.

Scientifically formulated compounds provide superior resistance to denting, splitting, cracking and warping.

The revolutionary DuraFuse™ Finishing System featuring P3 Fusion yields unprecedented finish durability.

The Z-AC™ threshold has an auto-adjusting riser and built-in sealing system.

We custom designed a sweep to accommodate the Embarq door's added thickness. This creates a new breed of thermal barrier to keep out unwanted elements and uncomfortable temperatures.