Most likely, you put thought into the things you buy for your home and family. Whether it’s your kids’ clothes, dish soap, body lotion or new furniture – you know what you like and don’t settle for less. When it comes to the products and materials we use to perform excellent home improvement work, the team at Roofing & More has the same attitude.

We make a habit of partnering with companies that align with Roofing & More’s core values. These are the guiding principles by which our employees live and work. They are honesty and openness, combined with quality products and installation, where each staff member must maintain high standards with a positive attitude, always striving to exceed the expectations of each and every client.

Manufacturers Who Share Our Standards

Leading brands and manufacturers have shown this concordance with our standards time and time again. It’s one of the reasons we offer products like James Hardie® siding; they continually exemplify shared core values through innovation, great customer service, and consistency. Part of my responsibility as president of Roofing & More is to continually evaluate suppliers and manufacturers to make sure that the relationship is still mutually beneficial for them, us and – most importantly – for our clients. Roofing & More’s longstanding partnerships with GAF is an example of one such successful partnership.

We want Roofing & More clients to trust that the job will be done right from start to finish, and picking exemplary manufacturers and products is a big part of developing that trust. Let us give the best to you and your family. Call Roofing & More today at (703) 828-1620 to learn more.