At Roofing & More, we believe a home repair or replacement project shouldn’t be a one-time arrangement. We want our customers to understand that we regard each of them as long-term clients, and that they should feel comfortable coming to us with any future issues or projects. We want our customers to know that for us, a project isn’t over when we leave the job site or even when the final bill is paid.

Recently, Mr. Crosby of Vienna contacted us about a siding project that we completed for him back in 2010. Here’s the information he shared on Angie’s List.

Description of Work:

“R&M replaced a sheet of siding that had blown off the house during the recent strong windstorm. They also caulked some siding around and above a set of windows on the second story of the house.  There had been a small leak in the kitchen ceiling, most likely caused by water being blown into those windows during the storm.”

Member Comments:

“This work was done under warranty related to a major project R&M did in 2010. The major hale storm in the summer of 2010 badly damaged our roof and aluminum siding. R&M was selected to replace the roof and the siding. The total job was in excess of $25,000; fortunately it was covered by our insurance policy.

“We were very pleased by the earlier work. So, for this work I called R&M thinking we would be paying for a small project. Kyle Hoffman, president and owner of Roofing & More, came and personally inspected the damage. He made a video of the damage and described what needed to be done. The video was then sent to the office via the Internet and a request was made for a technician to come as soon as one was available. While sitting in our kitchen Kyle checked the office records via phone. He then told us that the work was under warranty from the initial job and that there would be no cost to us.

“The technician came in less than an hour, he knew exactly what to do, and he did it quickly. He was professional and polite.

“My wife and could not have been more pleased. This was exceptional service!

“Roofing & More, Inc. gets an A+ in my book.”

A Contractor You Can Trust, Now and in the Future

Our long-term customer perspective is one reason why an estimated 70% of Roofing & More clients are repeat customers! We consider it a privilege to do business with people in the greater Northern Virginia community. What can we do for your home today? From roofing and Alexandria, VA, siding, to windows, doors and gutters in Fairfax, VA, Roofing & More is ready to help make your home more beautiful, convenient and energy efficient. Call us at [company_number].