Some of Arlington's residents live in homes that are smaller than they would have liked. Those who live in such homes face three options: extend the property they live in, move to a larger house, or transform their house to maximize living space. You can make your house feel larger than it actually is by using the right type of replacement windows; some window types, such as bow or bay windows offered by

Arlington, VA window repair specialists

, can effectively open up space in your home.

When it comes to creating the illusion of space through windows, no one knows more than architect Christopher Alexander. In his monumental book, “A Pattern Language”, he discusses how the right windows can create a “place” that not only impacts the size of your home, but your overall well-being as well. A blogpost on enumerates these reasons:

Windows that create “places” are not luxuries. Replacing an old window with a bow or bay window is an excellent idea for creating a feeling of spaciousness. Compared to traditional windows, bow and bay windows let in more light and offer a better view of the outside.

Window places” according to the blogpost, create “a state of perpetual conflict between the unconscious desire to sit down and relax, and the equally strong pull to be near the light. If all the comfortable places to sit are away from the window, there’s no way to resolve this conflict. The result is perpetual tension.”

You can create this window place either structurally (installing bow or bay windows, window seats, alcoves) or functionally (a comfortable table and chair next to the window). Alexander offers this suggestion: “In every room where you spend any length of time during the day, make at least one window into a window place.”

Creating a window place also involves the willingness to lose yourself in the art of daydreaming. Replace an old, constricting window with one that instantly creates a private space while sitting next to it. Consult with skilled

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