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Why Architectural Shingles are Tops for Your Roof

Timberline American Harvest shingles in Cedar Falls

Architectural shingles offer wonderful benefits for the modern home. Because they are constructed of two bonded layers of shingle material rather than just one, they provide extra durability, better fire and wind resistance, and longer service life. The benefits of architectural shingles also extend to the cosmetic: they create a beautiful multi-dimensional effect that can be used to emulate the look of high-end roofing materials. With an architectural shingle, you can have all the sophistication of an upscale slate or shake with the performance and affordable cost of asphalt.

One of the most popular architectural shingles installed by Roofing & More is the GAF Timberline® series, featuring the new American Harvest™ shingle collection. Timberline shingles add a delightful natural wood shake look with extra dimension to give your roof new depth and beauty. The American Harvest color palette, inspired by America’s landscape, features subtle color blends designed to complement any exterior color scheme. Choose from the following colors for your Herndon roofing.

  • Brandywine Dusk
  • Adobe Sunset
  • Saddlewood Ranch
  • Golden Harvest
  • Appalachian Sky
  • Nantucket Morning
  • Cedar Falls

Timberline shingles not only deliver all the advantages of durability and great appearance found in an architectural shingle, they also come with GAF’s Limited Lifetime Warranty plus non-prorated coverage for the first 10 years. Roofing & More, your local GAF Master Elite™ factory-certified contractor for roofing in Chantilly, VA, can provide more information about all of the GAF architectural shingle choices, and help you choose the best color to complement your home. Call us today at (877) 398-4555 or click here for a FREE in-home estimate!

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Attic Ventilation 101: What You Don’t Know May Be Costing You

Are the upper levels of your home always hot, causing your air conditioner run non-stop during the summer? If so, the problem could be something other than your A/C system – the problem may lie with your Sterling roofing system. Improper attic ventilation is an issue the Roofing & More team encounters frequently during the summer months, when homeowners become frustrated by poor indoor climate control. Temperatures in an underventilated attic can reach 150 degrees or higher on hot, humid days. This heat will radiate into unfinished attic space and then into the finished levels of your home, causing excess heat upstairs and increasing the air conditioning costs of your home.

Not only can heat build-up in an attic make living spaces uncomfortable, moisture may also accumulate in the ceiling and walls that separate the trapped hot air from cooler air. Just as condensation forms on a glass of cold water placed in the hot sun, condensation can build within your roof and drywall, greatly increasing the likelihood of mold growth, dry rot and structural failure over time.

Attic Ventilation Options

When paired with a ridge vent, soffit intake vents draw cool air into an attic and keep hot air rising up and out of the ridge vent. Another attic ventilation option if your home does not have adequate soffit ventilation is an attic fan. However, a ridge vent and an attic fan should not be installed on the same roof. Finally, consider installing additional attic insulation to prevent heat from radiating to lower levels, interfering with the established roof ventilation pattern.

Call for a Free Consultation

With a proper ventilation system in place, hot, moist air from your attic is able to escape, dramatically decreasing the temperature in the attic as well as extending the life of Northern Virginia roofing. If you suspect improper attic ventilation may be a problem for your home, call Roofing & More today at (877) 398-4555 to schedule an evaluation in Herndon, Reston, Chantilly, Sterling or any surrounding community. We look forward to making your home more comfortable!

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Giving Back: A Special Kind of Roofing Project for a Local Military Family

treehouseAt Roofing & More, we have long been dedicated to providing our neighbors with quality, affordable Northern Virginia roofing, siding, windows and other home improvements. Another aspect of our mission, reflected in our company mission statement, is to “give back to those in our community.” Recently, we had the opportunity to do just that.

Kevin J. called Roofing & More for an estimate on very special project: a roof for a treehouse he had framed out for his two boys. Kyle Hoffman, owner of Roofing & More, stopped to present an estimate at the family’s home in Falls Church. “I could tell that Kevin had put a lot of effort into this project. It’s an awesome treehouse, but the roof was tricky and needed some professional attention,” says Kyle.

Kyle also learned that Kevin has spent his entire career serving in the U.S. Army, and currently works as a Strategist at the Army National Military Cemeteries. “A light bulb went off in my head. I knew this would be a great opportunity to use our skills to show our appreciation to a member of our military,” he says. “This man is serving our country well, and it was an honor to be able to do this.”

treehouse familyWithin days, the Roofing & More crew was on hand to finish off the treehouse with a professionally built roof complete with GAF dimensional shingles. It’s a structure that will be the perfect spot for many hours of adventure. “The treehouse roof really exceeded our expectations,” Kevin says. “It was a difficult job, but the crew made it look like a million bucks.”

Roofing & More looks forward to many more opportunities to give back to the community that has contributed to our company’s success for more than 20 years! If we can help you, call us at (877) 398-4555 to schedule a FREE in-home consultation and estimate for roofing in Arlington, Falls Church, Chantilly or any surrounding Northern Virginia community.

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New threat to homeowners: scavenging bears

Sturdy windows are important to keep our homes safe against harmful external elements such as the weather, people and wildlife. Homeowners should always prioritize strengthening their houses especially if no one can fully predict when casualties may happen. Some damage though, unexpected as they may be is not far from happening, like those from bear attacks. For the most part, bears are shy and will avoid humans as much as possible but can inflict sever injuries if provoked. They are usually attracted to food since they can smell it from afar and will dare go near a house provided there is no human in sight.

This incident has happened recently as reported:

Having lived at Red Hill for 13 years, we have heard bear stories from neighbors and friends. Twice I have seen bears in the distance near here, but this is our first encounter with a bear so close to home. However, we will not leave bird seed out during the night, and we will be more vigilant about any outside potential food source such as the compost bin. The two visits are, in some way, exciting but dangerous for the bear and us, so we need to stop this creature’s habit by removing any food. It is not welcome here like some other creatures that visit or take up temporary residence for a season.

It seems that bears would only dare go closer to a house to look for sustenance. This only suggests that residents shouldn’t leave food around their houses especially in areas like Northern Virginia where such animals are commonly roaming around.

But even if food is already inside the house, the smell can still escape especially if you have loose or faulty windows which might lead them even inside your home. Protect your home from these predators by having a window repair in Northern Virginia.

We at Roofing & More Inc. with our team of professional factory-certified contractors can provide you with superior window repairs. Not only that, we also do window replacement in Northern Virginia. Our products are not only perfect for insulation; the air or smell doesn’t easily get in and out of your household. So for a well-protected home against scavenging bears, call us at Roofing & More Inc. today!

(Article Excerpt from Roger Barbee: Birds, bears, bees and other wonders of summer,, June 11, 2013,

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Video Inspections: It’s Just Another Way Roofing & More Does Right by Customers

Signs that your roof needs attention can appear at the most unexpected times and places. You may find water leaking from around pipes, an ugly stain somewhere on the interior ceiling, or water dripping from vents or a chimney. When you make these discoveries, it’s not too late. Just give Roofing & More a call.

One of the advantages technology has given roofing contractors is the ability to show customers exactly what we see when we’re on a roof, inspecting for problems. Only a professional should walk your Northern Virginia roof – we know how to do it safely and without causing further damage to roofing materials – but with a video camera, we can take you everywhere we go! During an inspection, our expert will take a video of your roof to document all the areas that need to be addressed, and allow you a bird’s-eye view of just what’s going on up there. He will then sit down with you to play back the video and explain his findings, and put together a no-obligation estimate so you can make an educated decision. Here’s an example of a video inspection recently done by Kyle Hoffman, president of Roofing & More.

Our customers appreciate the honest approach we take to roof repair in Northern Virginia. Seeing actual video evidence of their roof’s condition is not only reassuring, it’s a whole lot less nerve-wracking than climbing up there!

Don’t wonder about the condition of your roof any longer. See for yourself with a FREE video inspection and estimate from Roofing & More. We have been providing customers with quality home improvement services for more than 20 years. Your friends and neighbors trust Roofing & More to provide certified installation, brand-name materials and a home improvement experience that is enjoyable, all at affordable prices. Call us today at (877) 398-4555!

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Small but terrible: mice infestations in your home

Mice are cunning as they are cute (and I meant that as little). Since they do not hibernate, this means they can be a nuisance all throughout the year. During the colder months, they tend to seek warmth and sustenance inside your house. When it’s hotter, they find an unused corner in your home to reproduce and again, look for food. Regardless of their sizes, these rodents can be very dangerous to our health. They may carry airborne allergens that trigger allergies and asthma along other diseases. We talked to Roofing & More Inc. about their experiences with rodents.

Q: How can you tell if a house has mice damage?

A: In our line of work, you can usually tell if a home is infested by rodents when walls, ceiling, siding or windows have been gnawed or has holes and wood shaving on them.

Q: How often do you come across house mice damage?

A: It happens a lot actually especially in Arlington where we are based; the most common rodents we encounter are house mice. Homeowners usually hire us for window repair in Arlington VA because mice enter their homes through windows.

Q: Aside from structural damage, how does house mouse affect occupants?

A: In all our talks with homeowners, we found out that mice can carry many sorts of diseases and allergens. It is their droppings that are extremely dangerous.

In fact, an article from discussed that:

If wild mice find a way inside your home, they can potentially cause thousands of dollars in damage to your drywall and insulation.

They can also transmit a harmful disease that can cause death in humans.

Some mice in the United States have been known to transmit hantaviruses, which can cause a respiratory disease called Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

The symptoms include fatigue, fever and muscles aches, followed by coughing and shortness of breath.

Most people get sick after breathing air contaminated with the virus, which is transmitted through mouse urine, droppings and saliva.

Q: So what do you think is the best way of preventing mice from infesting our homes?

A: We at Roofing and More Inc. suggest that if you have wooden frames, consider changing it to a sturdier material instead because wood is easily penetrable. You can count on our factory-certified contractors for window replacement in Arlington because we get it right the first time. Not only that, we also add screens for more protection.

 (Article Excerpt from Mouse droppings cause disease, America Now, n.a.)

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Avoid wasps from building nests on your windows

Though most insects are not necessarily aggressive, there are still some – like bees and wasps – that can inflict real harm on humans. They do not attack unless provoked and being near human settlement, there’s a fat chance that one or both will get on each other’s nerves on purpose or not.

These critters could build near people’s home. All they need to construct their nests with is a suitable support like a window shutter (which is what they usually choose), and it only gets bigger from there on which cause damage to your window. It is only a matter of time before they find a way inside your home. We interviewed Roofing & More Inc., a local company who’s an expert on windows in Alexandria VA about what we can do with this problem.

Q: What season should we expect wasps to become a problem?

A: They usually die off during winter but when spring arrives, the queen comes out of hibernation and starts building nests. But the real problem comes in the late summer when they become more aggressive, especially paper wasps.

A definition of paper wasp from an article in

Paper Wasp

Description: With their slender waists and long abdomens, paper wasps appear even more menacing than yellow jackets, though they are not as aggressive. They form multi-celled nests from pulp, often building them under eaves or breezeway ceilings.

Threat: Unless nests are close to humans, the wasps pose little risk and are considered beneficial in preying on the larvae of garden pests.

Q: What window material do they usually build their nests on?

A: Wood window frames are the most common material that paper wasps build their nests on because they can easily penetrate in it compared to other kinds.

Q: How can we avoid them from invading our house?

A: A replacement or window repair in Alexandria VA can easily solve this problem for you especially if your home still has wooden frames. We at Roofing & More Inc. specialize on these services, especially in installing Vinylmax windows which are much more durable than your average wooden frames. Just give us a call and we’ll give you a free consultation so you won’t have to worry about pesky paper wasps this summer.

(Article Excerpt from A list of bees and wasps, The Washington Post)

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Don’t Gamble! Get the GAF Golden Pledge® Warranty to Cover Chantilly VA Roofing

A roof is much more than shingles. Your completed roof will be the sum of contractor workmanship, materials and warranty, with each affecting the quality of the other parts. Poor workmanship will void a warranty, while defective materials will not perform correctly even when installed by the finest craftsmen. When all parts are done right, the result is a Northern Virginia roofing system that will provide decades of reliable protection and lasting curb appeal.

The GAF Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty, available only through GAF Master Elite™ certified contractors, is an important safeguard against unexpected expenses that are the result of problems with materials or workmanship. It’s one of the industry’s strongest warranties, a simple and effective way to gain peace of mind related to your roofing system. The Golden Pledge warranty fully covers the following roof components.

  • Shingles
  • Ridge cap shingles
  • Starter strip shingles
  • Leak barrier
  • Roof deck protection
  • Ultimate pipe flashing with EasySleeve
  • Cobra® attic ventilation

More than two-thirds of problems with roofing are caused by installer errors, not defective materials. Don’t take chances with your roof or your pocketbook by hiring an uncertified contractor. When you choose Roofing & More, a certified GAF Master Elite contractor, you get installation by our factory-trained technicians – plus a 40-point inspection of the finished work by a GAF inspector. In addition to a lifetime warranty on the installation, the Golden Pledge warranty also includes 25 years of workmanship coverage – even if the original installer goes out of business!

To learn more about the GAF Golden Pledge warranty or to schedule a FREE estimate for Chantilly VA roofing, please call Roofing & More today at (877) 398-4555. Let us help you make your vision for your home come true, now and in the future!


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Keep safe from burglars, reinforce your windows

It is unsettling how younger generations these days commit crimes without fully grasping the consequences of their actions; which is something that everyone should reflect on. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to their behavior; exposure or addiction to drugs or other vices is common. As a result, they seek funds to continue getting their fix. Worse, people are capable of anything when they are under the influence, no matter how young they are. recently reported a burglary incident in the area:

According to authorities, the homeowner said the incident happened between 10:30 a.m. and 11:50 a.m.

Police said the two teens entered the home through a bedroom window. They stole a laptop, an iPhone, an iPad, a DVD player, and money. The total value was about $1,000 authorities said.

After the investigation was completed police were able to find the two teens involved in the burglary. One of the teens was found with marijuana.

Police arrested a 16-year-old male from Woodbridge, Va. He was charged with burglary, grand larceny, and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

A 15-year-old from Woodbridge, Va. was arrested and charged with burglary, and grand larceny.

This incident can happen anywhere, even in a place like Northern Virginia where one of its cities like Fairfax has been named Top Place to Live Well by Forbes. Hence, reinforcing your home especially doors and windows in Fairfax VA, is also necessary to protect your house from burglars and our team of professionals at Roofing & More Inc. can help you do this.

If your house is one of those that are made with construction grade wooden windows that can be easily destroyed, let us deal with that. We install Vinyl type which is a superior choice for replacement windows in Fairfax VA as it can be custom-sized for a perfect fit and has great structural strength. We also include screens for your windows which can serve as additional protection.

If you avail our services this summer, you can receive a special offer of 2 free windows if you purchase 10. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today for a free in-home meeting and we will “lock in” your summer savings for a safer home for your family.

 (Article Excerpt from 2 teens arrested in residential Va. Burglary, Wusa 9, June 6, 2014)

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Roof Repair Can Prevent Water Damage During Rainy Weather

With all the precipitation we’ve been getting the past few weeks, it is definitely not the perfect start to summer. As we move forward, we can expect more this weather from time to time. It looks like the weather condition varies from time to time for Arlington and the rest of Virginia. According to this report from the ABC7:

Only one more day of this same-old weather pattern we’ve had all week. We’ll end the week with another very muggy day; although, we’ll see a little more sunshine today than we saw yesterday. With the added sunshine, plus an advancing cold front, scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop later this afternoon and evening.  Again today, flash flooding is a possibility with the ground already so saturated.  A Flash Flood Watch is in effect from noon through late this evening.   Overnight the cold front slides through and ushers in much drier air. It will turn breezy overnight and will stay a bit breezy through Saturday.

As our primary line of defense against all kinds of weather conditions, our homes – specifically our roof – takes a lot of abuse on a daily basis and as such, it might not be able to cope up if left unmaintained or unrepaired.

Minor damage can turn into huge, costly ones if left unattended. A broken roof isn’t going to provide the protection you need as it allows leaking and excessive moisture inside the home – both of which may lead to further dilapidation and other water damage to your furniture and appliances.

Let’s prepare our homes for these downpours with a thorough inspection of our roof. Contacting roofers in Arlington like Roofing & More Inc. is always the wisest choice.

We at Roofing & More Inc. will conduct a thorough inspection on your roof at phone call’s notice. We will repair in accordance to the assessment of our skilled craftsmen to prevent further damage.

If the need arise, we can also replace the damaged shingles with top-quality materials from manufacturers like GAF, that set the standard for quality and durability.

For unmatched roofing in Arlington, call Roofing & More Inc. to secure your home against nature’s worst.

(Article Excerpt from Washington D.C. Weather Forecast: One more warm and muggy day,

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